Leapling Adventures Announces 2024 Leap Day Birthday Bash!

Join us February 27- March 3, 2024 for a Guinness World Record attempt at the Most Leap Day Babies Celebrating our Birthday Together!

*Location is still to be determined.

2024 Leap Day Bash Possible Locations- To be determined by MAJORITY Vote!

New Orleans, LA
San Diego, CA
Las Vegas, NV

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We had SO MUCH FUN on Leap Day 2020 on a Cruise w/ 78 Leap Day Babies celebrating our birthday together!

More Photos from our LEAP DAY BALL on Feb 29th 2020.


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2024 Leap Day Birthday Bash
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Here is where you VOTE for the location of the next 2024 Leap Day Birthday Bash!

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If you want to help plan this event, click on the Facebook link above and request admission into the “Private” Facebook Group with 994 people dedicated to planning the 2024 event!

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