My Personal Reflection of the 2020 Leap Day Ball

Words can not describe…

Today (Saturday, Feb 29th 2020) was simply AMAZING, Emotional,
Magical, electric, & life changing!

Never did I Imagine that “Our” birthday would connect so many people on so many different levels.

Just unexplainable- I know you know it too!

I can’t wait for tomorrow- March 1st of 2020- one more day of celebration!

Although I also dread March 2nd of 2020- which means back to reality.

I was called in this Leapling direction for a reason.

And I’m just awestruck and kind of in love.

And literally full of joyful tears right now as my job in 2020 has come to a close.

Here’s to 2024. Our next GIGANTIC adventure together!

Although I KNOW- I will see many of you before 2024. Here’s to an amazing nights sleep for us all. My ❤️ is FULL.

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